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Introduction to the study of Religion

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Introduction to the study of Religion

Introduction to the study of Religion


 The term ‘religion’ is known to most educated people; but a very few of them can define it because of their vague and conventional ideas about religion. Even the definitions given by the writer, thinkers, theologians  and philosophers are not perfect and all inclusive. All the aspect, object and teachings of religion cannot be brought under a single definition.

 Each of such definitions is, is however, useful to understand at least some of the aspects of religions which is also important.

 From Wiki books of internet, the following definitions have been collected:

 H H Raina started, “religion is a communication system that is constituted by Supernatural being and is related to a specific pattern of behavior.”

 Religion is men’s involvement in the meaning of his existence and the depth of one’s Involvement is the depth  of his religion. Said gems L. Christian.  Sir Julian Huxley orphaned religion is the cells of the sacred.  Religion is the men’s ultimate concern for the ultimate.  Seth Paul stills.  Arnold Toynbee say it religion is human being total concerned about man’s world’’. Swami Vivekananda the said religion is the realization of God and knowledge of God.”

 This idea was Express love ago by Orbit find he said there is a God within us and we glow, when he stirs us.

Suicide some of famous person I am a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist and  a Jew .. Perhaps he believes in Cosmopolitanisms of religion.  Though he was a Hindu he was a very liberal person in his later life.

 However the following definition seem to be better

  •  Ada leaf in something sacred( for example, god or other Supernatural being)
  •  a distinction between sacred and profane objects
  •  ritual act for cast on sacred objects
  •  a moral code delete to habit sacred for super natural bases
  •  Characteristically religious feelings AV sense of history sense of guilty adoration. who is tends to be aroused in the presence of Sacred objects and during the practice of rituals
  •  prayer and other forms of communication to the Supernatural
  •  a world view or a General picture of the world as a whole and the place of the individual they are in.
  •  The more or less total organization of one’s life based on a worldview.
  •  a social group bound Together by the above around.

The above definition provided a white range of thoughts and ideas about religion. The term religion has been derived from the Latin word “relegate” who is means to tie to bind” this seems to be favored on the assumption that it helps to explain the power of religion.

English dictionary points out that the the etymology of the word is doubtful. Earlier writers like connected the term with relegate who is means to read over again to emphasis on the ritual stick nature of religion. in fact, religion is full of rituals and ceremonious that nobody can Dani and without doors, religion has perhaps no existence. This is a reality.

 No single definition of religion is adequate to accommodate all the ideas and expect that religion contain in their text or texts. search text or text of almost all religion have so many aspects such as god or the supreme soul, the embroidered soul, life, origin of life on earth, origin of Cosmos, origin and composition of Earth, the next  world, life after death, Heaven And Hell and there formulations and functions, sins and virtues, prayer system and its contents, creation stories of gods and goodness and their dialogues among themselves, some shots of physical and mental treatment of human beings, the sermons and guidelines for leading peaceful life, the doors and don’t Supernatural beings, myths  and stories, miracles and miraculous tails, the rituals and ceremonious and  what not. the common and ordinary followers of religion have actually very little idea of the essence and the central them of the religion that they belong to.


 The Hindus go to the temples two worksheet Gods and got this is almost throughout the year. Some of them take back in the holy river from travel to distant places to visit temples sacred places and rivers to seek blessing of gods and Goddesses. Then they are religious congratulations where hundreds of devotees gather to hear religious songs sung by a group of trained singers. These are generally held in village’s towns and cities. The Hindu Windows perform some kind of rituals on a daily basis at their homes.

 There are 6 classes of devotees in Hinduism who are known as vaishnavas, sauras,The shaktas, Ganapatiyas, Bouddhas,Besides the south and north Indians are both followers of Ganesha and Rama. the leaders are the original scriptures of the Aryans. there are four brothers and its weather has four parts and each Sach path has so many other parts the last one being called whether or apanhadas.

 The Vedic literature is worst which is also considered as Hindu scriptures. besides the Mahabharata and Ramayan are also considered to be Hindu scriptures. there are also talker chartreuse 18 Puranas and many upapuranas some heaters so on and so forth in fact Hindu scriptures are also so many and so fast that the general message of Hindu community have no knowledge of them and even their titles are not known to them.  2 Hinduism is Polycystic its essence is monotheistic. Although they are divided into various sects as mentioned above they are not in conflict with one another.

vaishnavas also respect and worship Shiva Ganesha Lakshmi Devi Durga and other deities.

Similarity the shivers also worship Lord Krishna, Ganesha, Parvati, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. the images of Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Goddess Parvati Lakshmi Saraswati Asin almost everywhere in the temples of India. the main Gods of Hindus are however drama Vishnu and Shiva who are regarded as the creator the sustainer and the destroyer Lords. do the images of Vishnu and Shiva and there temples are found all over India the temples of Brahma are very rarely seen. actually the Hindus enjoy freedom of worship and they can choose any god or  goddess to worship for their satisfaction. Durga Puja is the greatest religious festival of Bengali Hindus while Ram-Leela is the greatest festival of Myth with the Deccan Hindu. Bhagavath Geetha is applying to be the most important religious scripture of the Hindi. it should be noted here that all the scriptures as mentioned above are written in Sanskrit language.

 Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world.


 Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in the world wide. its adherents are almost a third of the world population. Where the Christ is believed to be the son of god the Saviour of humanity. the religion in based on his teachings as they appear in the Bible. The Bible star called the Old Testament and the New testament. old one is compiled in Hebrew language, while the new one is in English.

Christianity started in flourish in the Middle East in the first century a.d. and was confined in what is now called is Israel. Most of Europe came under this religion in the middle ages. Over the years Christianity split into three separate branches. The fastest plate of food in 10th 54 when the Catholic cruise and the Eastern orthodox fruits we can separate entity. This was due to a variety of geological and political differences. The second split came in the 16 century with the protestant lead by Martin Luther.  Most of the people are divided into so many cautious under the protestant the Catholic and other groups. 

Christianity is practiced mainly in Europe and America. These are Christians in Africa also. In Europe, many maintained Christian deletes but are not really practicing Christians.  American Christians are, however, more religious then those of the Europeans.

 Christianity is a monotheistic religion like Islam.  But here, year dresses is considered as the son of god while Mohammad, the Preacher of Islam is considered to be the prophet sent by God Allah.


 It is the second largest religion in the world and the majority of the population of the Middle Eastern countries, North African countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia are Muslims. Even in the Hindu majority country India, Islam is the second largest religion having about 118 million followers. It is not a fact that is Islam is the fastest growing religion, but the fact is Muslim population is increasing in almost all countries because they do not believe in an practice family planning.

 Prophet Muhammad is the Preacher of Islam and throw him came to the earth messages of Allah which are believed to be the verbatimi in word Of the Quran the only one holy text Islam.  Prophet Muhammad in the second. there are five pillars of Islam who is must be upheld and practiced by the Muslims. they must uphold and recite on what that Allah is but one and Muhammad is his profit messenger. This is called Iman in Arabic. II pillar is compulsory 5 times of rare Namaz. the third pillar is giving  jakat, that is a portion of income must be distributed among the poor. IV of of is fasting during the month of Ramadan, and the last and the hit one is the Pilgrimage to to Mecca to perform horse who is must be undertaken by all Adil Muslims at least once in life.


 It is at once a religion and a philosophy based on the ancient tradition and teachings of Buddha who was born in India in 500 BC. it did not stress on the existence of god. Buddha made no comment on God and he did not say that he messages are the messages of God or any Supernatural being. The teachings and philosophy of Buddha I have many points in common with Hinduism and as such it is also called a branch of Hinduism. this is Eco of Hinduism. but in fact it is not like that. Hindus believe in many Gods and Goddesses. While the Buddhist worship only the Buddha. The scriptures of Hinduism are different from those of Buddhism. the Buddhist called their scriptures pitaka and three such pitakas are Dhamma pitaka, bigam pitaka and Vinayak pitaka.

 Within a short time of the death of Lord Buddha the religion was divided into two conflicting branches. Mahayana and China Yana beliefs. Then these two divisions wires further split into many other sects who is our opposed to one another. However all this sex has many aspects in common and there is no visible quarrel with each other.

Criticism of religion:

 Religion is a matter not only of appreciation it is a matter of Criticism also. one of the greatest criticisms leveled against religion is hot is is taught as fact useful and beneficial to mankind is not always socially and scientifically proved to be so. The contents of religions are methods of belief and not matters of Criticism and challenge. but if any e individual does not believe those as fact it does no harm him. The mites and stories that religion contains are neither historical e not scientifically proved as facts.

The teachings of religion on many occasions do not need the requirement of consistency and coherence. There are a lot of contradictions who is inflict the real followers of  faith. then one religion is in conflict with another in many respects and aspects. Questions may arise if all the religious texts are messages of one and the same god, why do this differences Ankur in different religion.

 religion have divided the human race into so many big and strong groups such as the Christians, the Muslims, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Jaws and so on and each of these groups into so many sub groups testis and have testis creating  hatred, intolerance and animosity among themselves. Inter religious and intro religious conflicts are hampering universal peace and harmony.

No religion has perhaps succeeded in keeping its followers United. Some religions have factions strong enough to fight with one another, killing a lot of them. Some of the groups have entered into politics to graft power of the state by killing those who are against them.

 Today’s religious fundamentalism terrorism and militancy have demolished the Beri essence and spirituality of religious faith. There is a great prices of love, immunity, tolerance, sympathy and kindness among the Fundamentalist and terrorist.

 Regions have stressed more on the systems of rear rituals and ceremonies then on the observance of morality and ethics. They had made the followers to understand that observance of religious rituals and ceremonies are more important than leading moral and ethical life. The result is obviously disastrous who is evident from the test scenario of the worldwide corruption crime and various other malpractices. The people of south East Asia Middle East and North Africa are more religious minded in their attitudes and models of Living. But crimes and corruptions are also show alarm. Countries

 Religions breed superstition orthodoxy and rigidity of thought and ideas. Where there is more influence of religion on men and women there is more influence of superstition also on them. Progressive and modern ideas and knowledge cannot penetrate into such societies of orthodox YouTube. So they remain outdated and out of touch with modern ISM.

 In spite of all this criticisms religion is Steel a guiding factor of life of millions of people all over the world. No substitution for religion has ever been discovered by any one till today to make man forest religion and its influences. it is estimated then 59% of the world population believe in size 14% are non believers and the remaining 27% are agnostics. to make the world safe for human peace and free from religious terrorism and militancy progressive scientific and logical ideas should prevail over everything superstar tuition and traditional that adversely affect human life.

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