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Do you want to know what is the Meaning and Purpose of life?

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Meaning and Purpose of life

Meaning and Purpose of life

In the previous relations Part:01 I will try to explain the realities of life about life. In this section of part 2 you I will write about of mankind.

 What is mankind and how is that relations in our human life!


 Mankind refers to world’s population of the past and present, and includes that of the future also. It is generally refers to human race: totality of human beings.

In other words of the human beings are collectively regarded as mankind. It is also known as human species or race. This is the list of human species.  Need to know and increase our knowledge.

Do you know what is Meaning and Purpose of life?

 The human race is composed of so many ethnic groups as also so so many races. Race and ethnicity are related but distinct. One has to do much with biology and the other with culture. Ethnicity is often assumed to be the cultural identity of a group of a national state wild race is considered from biological points of view. There can be only one race while ethnicity may have multiple affiliations. However they are anthropological divisions of mankind the Australoid.

The mongoloid, the Negroid and various other micro groups that constitutes the human race. Then they are White skinned people who mostly belong to Caucasian race, black skinned who originate from the negroid.

The mongoloid people principally live in the far install countries who pose for fair skin, flat face and nose and floating Eyes. The sub- continental people are Aryans, proto- Australoid, Dravidians and mixed.

 They are grey or Brown. They are language based races also like the Dravidians.

 When we talk about men, the question about the origin of man comes before us. There are two schools of thought who is deal with the origin of men the anthropological and the religious. The paleoanthropologist mostly view that man is descendant of Ape or APE  like animals. An ape is dissident of AP or animals.

Meaning and Purpose of life

An ape is defined as a tailless monkey who lives in this earth about 14 million years ago. The research dealing with man’s evolution from the APS begins with the assumption that man Did in fact evolve From the EPS through time change and natural selection. This is called the evolutionary theory of origin of man. but, the evolutionary theory is not 100% free from question—– and accepted as yet though it is considered to be the most scientific theory about the origin of man.

According to Christianity and Islam Nani the descendants of Adam and eve who you are created by God/ Allah.  Hinduism also enunciates that human beings are created by God with five matters—- our Earth, water, Energy, e a r air and space.

Six pairs of Search men and women where at first created in different parts of the earth to start living there as husband and wife.

 They are the original human being.  Many writers, poets and philosophers have given their opinions about mankind and then human race. We should remember when we talk about men, we include women also.

The human population for race has some common features and characteristics wise this also differ from 1 region to another from one class to another, from one ethnic group to another ethnic group. Living in geographical region have some culture who is The Pupil of other region do not have or even do not encourage to nurse. Those also vary from country to country, from continent to continent and them from religion to religion.

 They are even many ethnic or religious groups in a country having different culture and racial identities. That we very often say that these are Indian customs and cultures, this are Arabian cultures, European, American, African cultures or customs. The Pupil also has different ideas outlooks and thoughts that are actually get reflected in their customs, cultures and Modi’s of Living.

 But the common features and characteristics which mankind’s have inherited and maintaining today are not insignificant. as they have the same kind of sense organs such as ears,eyes,noses, tongue,  skin and action hands legs etc.

They have the same kinds of instincts, such as sex, wrath, great, attachment, private, jealousy, sloth and gluttony.  All these instincts taken together actually moot human character.

A man must have these instincts in varying degrees who is influence their lives. Show mankind processes some common definite characteristics who is unit them as mankind. In mankind, man is the object of discussions which is done on the basis of their strengths and weaknesses and their character, activities, outlooks and attitudes. Etc.

However, most of the writers, poets and philosophers first Pessimistic opinions about man. optimistic views aur high expectations . A man  like Vidyasagar in his old age, left his Kolkata Babu society to live with Tagore hat disgusting experiences when many Bengali poets criticized theme with filthy language. Robert Burns in his” man was made to mourn” said man’s inhumanity to man”. 

What is a pointed remark about man Sir William Gilbert has first the same kind of opinion when he said “man is nature’s solve mistake” Rudyard Kipling if famous poet has never made a very curious remark when is said horrible, hairy, human.  Perhaps man appeared to them as very disgusting creature. Another writer has expressed almost the same boys concerning man.  he is Primo Levi who said “ I am constantly amazed inhumanity two men”.  Charkas M. has gone father of law not to the extreme to view human beings. He said I love mankind it is the Pupil I can’t stand.

 So they don’t like this, why? The reason is that Pupil could not satisfy them. Then Sigmund Fred has regarded them as  “worthless”

People with a few exceptions robot Saudi in his the doctor said, “ man is a  dupable animal”.  Quacks in medicine, quacks In religion, quacks in politics no this and act upon that knowledge.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky observe, “mankind however to my astonishment that the additional i like world it as an entire the less i like men above all.”  Here man stands as a being to be abhorred neglected or diploid as a result of what’s not mentioned by them.

I think man has frustrated them, shocked them and made them such remarks.

 Man has committed more miss safe to men then any other creature has over done. Think of the massacre and Diva stations of world was and other battles that where fought on earth by man.

Look at the so called civilized world and find how capitalism is exploiting the work class and the consumers, how terrorism, religious and militarism, are affecting human life, and imperialism is paralyzing world peace and security of mankind.

 Today man is very much for it about man-made disasters and pollution of environment. Mark Twain is in what is man?

 The fact that man knows right from wrong troops his is intellectual superior Rati to the other creators;  but the fact that he can do wrong troops his moral  inferiority to any Ee creature that cannot,  the remark of Mark Twain indicates that man is morally inferior to other animals. 

They may be morally bankrupt.  the above discussions may not be enough to prove that man is exactly so.  search discussions maybe longer, and a list of manmade disasters may also be too long to discuss here…  P.T.  Burnham said. “sucker born in every minute.

What kind of sucker  is man?  

Man has given enormous evidence that many of them are blood and money suckers. They are sucking their fellow men.  Aristotle commented long ago saying that when separated from law and Justice, he is the boss Mark Twain made another remark what is a man? 

Man is noise some bacillus home hour heavenly father created because he was disappointed in the monkey.

 What should be the duty of all of us? it is easier to give advice then to set a good example, and examples are always better than precepts. Lives of all great men remind us that we can make our life sublime. 

Unfortunately modern world space little heat to the the teachings of great men. everybody is questioned now. the lives of great men are now byte and reviewed, search and research mainly to find our faults with them as if the motive is to make public hot mistakes they made and what blunder they committed.

Man needs more appreciation then criticism.  It should be remembered that man has been constantly and constantly contributing so many things to the benefit of humanity since the very beginning of Civilization.  Still more has to be contributed and achieved.  Within just 12000 years our species,  homes happiness made the transition to producing food and changing our surroundings. we have been so successful that we have inadvertently created attorney point in the history of life on earth. Reeds a quotation from internet. What is yet to be received will be S8 not by the sudden stroke of a stick but why human NDA BOS continuous work of research and use of Technology. so there is no doubt that mankind is wonderful and winner. Here i will try to explain Meaning and Purpose of life.

 So dear friends I will try to explain about here of mankind.

The lists of human species have of more hidden and step by step showing more.

 Thanks for stay with us. 

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