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Types of Environmental Pollution Part:02

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Types of Environmental Pollution Part:02

 Here I will explain the definition of air pollution state of New Jersey.

Air pollution is the presence in the outdoor atmosphere of one or more air contaminants in such quantities and duration as are for 10 to injuries to human health or welfare, animal or plant life for wood increasingly interfere with the enjoyment of life and property.

 Engineers joint Council for air pollution and its control,  USA,  a define air pollution as;

 “ Pollution means that the presence within the outside atmosphere of 1 or additional contaminants, like dost, fumes, gas, mist, O dour, smoke, or vapor in quantities, of characteristics and of period like to be e injurious to human, plant or animal life or 2 property, all Whois is and cheap interferes with the compo-stable enjoyment of life and property.”

Once in the atmosphere these  pollutants cannot escape. the roads, stone absorb and hold the heat during day time creating heat Islands during the nights. the pollutant containing their kids on circulating over the city. since there is an intimate relationship between solar radiation, Yeh, moisture, soil and plants the polluted environment greatly, Affect the growth and development of the primary producers.

The following are the  Meteorological very about who is effect severity  pollution:

  1.  Wind speed and direction
  2.  Atmosphere diffusion
  3.  Temperature alternative with height, includes lapse rate  and violation
  4.  Mean maximum Depths 
  5.  Precipitation

 The following are the Meteorological factors which also affect the air pollution:

  1. Topographical features
  2.  Quality and quantity of pollution

 Wind Speed and Direction:

          Pollution are precipitated  in the atmosphere by both the the horizontal and vertical movements of the Wind. In general, greater the wind velocity the greater in the dilution. turbulence is it stirring action of wind and

therefore is related to the vertical movement of wind moving across the surface of our is fluid moving along the surface of the containing structure.

The drug against the surface of the earth causes the wind near the surface to blow at very slow speed.

wind speed increases very rapidly with height up to 10 meter. about this it continues to increase in speed with height but at a much lower rate.

Atmospheric diffusion

        Atmospheric diffusion is the movement of large parcels  affair from one point to another.

Temperature variation:

The temperature distribution of the atmosphere depends upon the rate at which energy being received from the sun and on various transport mechanism:-  electromagnetic radiation, convection, evaporation, etc.

 as consequence the temperature is not constant but there is with  height, session, time of day, amount of cloud cover and many other variables.

 Left rate is defined as equal to the adiabatic lapse red – the temperature lapse rate. Temperature lesser rate is the ratio of change in temperature to change in height in in hundreds of meters. the adiabatic lapse rate is the rate of cooling with lofting  of a parcel of air with no heat exchanges. apostle of dry yeah it’s depend upon Rising.

When air expands it cools at the adiabatic lapse rate is no heat Excel occurs.  if the surrounding air is cooler the parcel will continue to rise and therefore constable conditions for strong lapse rate exists.

A strong lapse rate indicates in stable conditions and therefore Good Year mixing. more positive blood pressure rate indicates stable air, who is means of air pollution will not be removed because there is no sufficient atmosphere turbulence or mixing.

 More positive lapse rate indicates  stable air, who is means your pollution will not be removed because there is not sufficient atmosphere turbulence are mixing. inversion of the temperature lapse rate 2 negative resulting in stable atmospheric conditions is known as” inversions”.

Temperature inversion may be said to be a Meteorological condition in who is air pollutants are unable to rise and be e disbursed  in the atmosphere and produce high concentration of  pollution.

 Temperature in to exist in the normal lapse rate in the lower atmosphere is interested and the temperature with height exhaust gases and pollutants.

 who is rise only a certain distance under these conditions and persistent inversion that last several days can be dangerous.

 Inversion occurs frequently during the night or early morning hours.  lov in speed, equal or less than 10 kilometer is really accompany inversions, so there is very little horizontal Dispersion of pollutants. 

Inversion temperature are usually limited to the Fast Five Hundred meters and this therefore what is the maximum in version heights.

Mean maximum depths:

The mean maximum depth MMD is the height to which the constable AR mixes.  in the absence of radio sound observations the maximum mixing depth may be estimated as being the height of the loop of the law altitude cloud layer.

The maximum mixing depth there is during the day as well as there is from session to session.  variation is also dependent upon the topographical features.

Vertical depression of pollutants is limited by the ground and the  MMD. Therefore mixing depth in in estimating the amount of vertical diffusion of pollution in the atmosphere.

Dear Friends if you are not Reading my Posted Part: 01 Please at 1st Read that.


Pollutants can be watched out of the nearby the natural scrubs action of rain, snow and all other forms of participation as it falls to the ground. Gases that are soluble in water are removed by adoption while the particles is take to the precipitation after being impact by it. not only can precipitation affect the atmospheric pollution, but the pollution can affect the precipitation.

 Topographical features:

Topography can very seriously affect local atmospheric conditions. most important of these are valleys  shore-lines  and hills. Most of the in famous air pollution episodes occurred  in locations with adverb topographical conditions. Valley due to the the channeling of wind. Valley tent to make the wind flow in the general direction of the valley exist.  Slope win Maura in Delhi in the evening when the year near the ground is cooled. any air pollution released on the slopes or in the bottom of Dallas will stay in the valley if an inversion also exist.

 Shore line win are created because of the differences in shipping rates of the Earth and the water under the same amount of the sunshine land absorbed hip faster than water.

Therefore on a sunny day, sea breeze are created who is come from water to the land. land also cool faster than water creating on cloudy days or at night time land breeze. land bridges are usually lower in velocity and shallower  then sea breeze.

Heels can cause adhering degree of influence on air pollution removal. is more Heels causes the least effect of the flow of air. Rough heels conversely cause turbulence it is and good mixing who is promoting improved air pollution removal.

Quality and quantity:

Quality and quantity of air pollution can be estimated with regard two different sources of pollution such as transportation, industry, power generation, space heating and refuse burning. Approximately 90% by weight of this pollution is gaseous  and 10% particulate matter.

The pollutants from the different sources can be further classified according to their physical and chemical composition such as inorganic or organic gases and particulate.

However there are no correct measurement that can tell about the emission of pollutants from the same source different processes.

The ability to determine the effectiveness of controlling a number of pollutants is likely to depend on our measurements.

 The pollution issues of 1 town or country might dissent greatly from those of another town or country. this is often true albeit the sources of pollution area unit similar. Meteorology plays a awfully vital role in determination the numerous Label of pollution.

Here i will end my Part 02. Welcome to my Next Topic.

Thank’s for stay with us.

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