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Types of environmental pollution

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Types of environmental pollution


Every second hectare of the India’s first some kind of ecological problem. A large percentage of drinking water provided by India’s major river is polluted and clean air is breathed why Indians for only 2 hours in the morning.

Uber 10% of hospital patients are victims of a polluted environment.  the above facts were brought to light during the debate on the impact of development of Science and Technology on environment.  at the 68 session of the Indian Science Congress in Varanasi.

The effects of environmental pollution is not only on India but encompasses the whole world.  according to a survey conducted by United Nations the the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now 330 PPM.

Who is 14% more than the Concentration of carbon dioxide 10 years ago.  in India the problem of environment and pollution became an important issue only very recently. 

But if it was history we find that concern for the environment has been part of India’s social and cultural heritage.  the land of ours is the birthplace of suggest and of religion, Priya  preaching  love for every living being a concern for life and conservation of nature.  22 centuries ago Emperor Ashoka emphasis  to preserve animal life and forest trees.

Concern for environment in present time found expression in proclamation undertaken 2 to defend and improve the environment for present and future generation.  by the United Nations Conference on human environment in Stockholm in 1972.

Types of environmental pollution
Environmental pollution and control

All natural ecosystems are balanced and wap unaffected by man until the dawn of Civilization.  But the speed and nature of man included environmental changes have brought an increasing disharmony between him and the nature at present.

Living beings and development upon nature for their requirements.  Hence the purity and balance of environment is essential. 

Some of the problems such as depletion of resources,  soil  erosion,  pollution,  deforestation and extinction of wild animals due to increased human population have reached global level.

Man has vie a really necessary half in shaping his atmosphere. He has been responsible for or degrading the quality e of his environment ever since he appeared on this earth. 

At first he contaminated and atmosphere by the use of fire who is edit gases,  smoke and as to eat. When he came out of the cab is and begin to settle in two villages,  towns and  cities , The situation gradually quotient.  the degradation of the environment was caused mostly by his activities such as burning of wood,  smelting of  ores,  tanning leather, primitive methods of sewage  disposal and so on. 

With the appearance of business revolution,  compelled  with urbanization all types of impurities begin to be value-added to the natural air,  water yet as soil inflicting virtually serviceable injury to surroundings.

  Diverse range of air pollutants such as gases particulates agricultural chemical and Radioactive materials in the atmosphere.

Oil spills soil vast us on land are affecting the organisms directly or in directly.  in fact the pollution has assumed distressing dimensions for the present as well as the coming generations.

The Government of almost all the countries of the world are force to pay serious attention to not only conserve and improve The environment but also to prevent it from further II deterioration.


Now we are going to explain about the environment.  we have to discuss now very shortly and very easy to explain about environment. Environment is the sum of substances and forces external to the organism in such a way that it affects the organisms existence. And constitutes of are land, water, flora and however because this regulate the man’s life.

Environment is a multi dimensional systems of complex interrelationships in continuing a state of change.

 By setting we have a tendency to mean not solely our immediate encompassing however conjointly a range of problems connected with human action and productivity,  basic living and its impact on natural resources like Land,  water, atmosphere, forest, dams, habitat, health, energy resources, wildlife,  etc.

 Like other animals man depends on environment and becomes an environmental factor with respect to other members in an eco-system.


The word “ pollution”  from the Latin word “Pullure”  who is means to soil or to defile.

 Pollution means that and undesirable amendment in physical, chemical or biological characteristics affair, land and water which will or wheel detrimentally have an effect on the human, animal and vegetation. Contamination of environment with impurities making it unfit for its intent use is known as pollution.

 Pollution may be defined as contamination of air, air water or soil with undesirable amounts of material for heat. Heat is not a pollutant but change in heat  means change in climatic condition substance the presence of which causes pollution is is known as pollutant.

 Pollution is deterioration  of the quality of environment by the production of the the quality of impurities.

 They are four main kinds of pollution as under:

  1.  air pollution
  2.  land pollution
  3.  water pollution
  4. noise pollution

Radiation has cost hazards in recent times this may be current as radiation pollution. Air is a gaseous mixture of oxygen 21% nitrogen 78% carbon dioxide and entered gases on  1%.

Oxygen present in the air is essential for life and is known as the life supporting gas,  when we breathe in air enters our lungs through the nose and windpipe.

This is known as inspiration in the lungs exchange of gases takes place where oxygen is passed into the blood or oxidation of food and the work gases are breather  out in the river direction.

 Nitrogen percent in the air is also useful to us.  When it is captured and convert it into  nitrogenous substances light nitrates in soil, the soil is  enriched.  This is essential for the healthy growth of plants.

Primary Explain to Types of environmental Pollution. And more added on below.

Carbon dioxide present in the air is essential for plant life because plant absorb carbon dioxide from here and release oxygen into the air, which is essential for animal and human beings, hence we can say that about plants and animals are dependent on each other and owe their existence 2 year which is a great gift of nature.

The proportion of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in app is mix and definite. Any change in the proportion would affect the life of plants man and animals.

This saves is brought about beaming industries, vehicular Traffic,  domestic uses of  fuel  etc. Release hazardous  emissions when the emissions are are observed dead into the atmosphere the composition of air is  changed.

Air pollution

History of air pollution could be traced back to the industrial revolution and the discovery of steam engine in the 18th century.  increased use of coal  and the smoke and sulphur compounds emanating from It begin 2 contaminate the atmosphere more and more.

 The first measure air pollution study in the United States and very important study of Chicago was in 1912 to 1915,  largely at the instigation of Boron Thomas Dhoni Li.  he had a printing plant immediately adjacent two one of the main railroad terminals and found that on many days his freshly printed works were rendered unsalable by the layer of root that landed them. 

He tried to begin a movement to electrified the railroads before they entered Chicago,  as near had already done.  sensing a threat the local industries turns this into a major  study of air quality in Chicago and all other aspects of problem. 

In the short run in their study,  the particulate coating of atmosphere was collected on filters and weighed.

A serious problem has Verizon now,  especially in the congested and industrialized cities,  with heavy  vehicular traffic. Most of the pollutants Rim in gaseous form and this hour explain in Chapter 2.

 we are friends now I am in explain two definition of air pollution. Very simply and shortly I will explain that.  there is some of the topics are published not only elder person also can read and to learn for children. In the world of any countries of there is school are not  explain to about environmental position.

My sites are help some of category and menu are included by the environmental situation also health conscious and  also more  about circle of human life.

So my dear friends let’s start to Definition of air pollution:

The World Health Organization has outlined pollution as substances place into the Air by the activity of world in concentration adequate to cause harmful effects to his health, vegetables, property or to interfere with the enjoyment of his property.

In the path to session I will explain 2 details about on about of air pollution. This subject is not only discussed in schools and public places and other government issues.

This problems ask solutions have in hidden in our sincerity.  need to our mind is refreshing and some of smart living syndromes. so my dear friends next my part 2 levels are articles  try to explain more details.

Welcome to my Next Part:2

 Thank You.

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