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What is the Purpose of Life

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what is the purpose of life

Life related matters:

 In our life not only our life, have also more kind of matters are related in our human life.  So here is I will try to explain our life related matter. Do you know what kind of life related matters we are involved?  Most people are not know that !

Here I will try to explain this matters that are involved every human life.

 So at first we know that how many most kind of matters  have in our life…….

what is the purpose of life
  •  Life
  •  Mankind
  •  Religion
  •  Love
  •  Patience
  •  happiness and sorrow
  •  wisdom and foolishness
  •  Fear
  •  Idleness 

So let’s start,  yeah I know fast about of life.

What is life?

 we all have a life without who is there is no existence of ours.  but what is this life is a question man has insert but not completely to the full satisfaction of man. 

Perhaps they have not given much thought to it, our life might be so mysterious and so Complex that they have failed to give the proper answer as yet.  However men did not remain away from life. 

The writers poets and philosophers provided much insights to get life,  and looked at it from different angles and perspectives. 

what is the purpose of life

To discuss  life, if one has no court from then to know what it is. some of them said life is a ‘’Fairy Tale” “ a sickness” “ and incurable disease” “  a festival” “ magical and musical” “ a tragedy” “  boring” “ touchy” “  simple and complex”.  some Say life of man is a walking shadow,  a poor player.  I shall discuss these propositions to elaborate lights which areas on the basis of their opinions and my own ideas.

Life has components like birth,  childhood, boyhood,  youth, adulthood, old is and death.  Man knows not where he/ he she she is going to take bath and who will be e the parents.  He is not conscious of being born. Most of the childhood part of life is spent in playing with parents and relatives who love children very much. in western countries, even the children are sent to Baby school for some  education. in the subcontinent this culture has spread in urban cities and town. However, the children are always the main source of enjoyment and pleasure to most of the parents. the children expect enough time from their parents to play with them. That’s the best thing that the parents can provide them.

Boyhood and youth are time forgetting education in schools, colleges and Universities to make them fit for job in various vocations. 

Hamper of youth and most part of adulthood As devoted to work in jobs and various other activities.  this is the time for gathering knowledge, experience, earning money and getting established in life.

Old is first either in grief or in enjoyment with the grandson and granddaughters or in loneliness.

 Life is not a bed of roses or a fairy tale,  written by God’s fingers,  it is hot you do and achieve, where you  live and how you live. if success is measured by the nature of job one does,  and the amount of money one earn it would be e very difficult to say that most people are successful in their lives.

PJ. Bailey  said, “What is Purpose of Life” “it matters little how long will I live”, but how” George Crabbe  made almost the same type of comment when he  said,  “life is not measured by the  time we live”. 

Though time is a great factor in life, it is not everything. However we noticed that many great people who who had the advantage of Living a long life made tremendous contributions two literature, science and me moment of their death. Ernest Hemingway are some of the examples of great writers,  philosophers and scientists who lived long and made so much contributions to their respective fields. 

But, there are some poets and scientists whose lives haircut short by diseases,  yet they said glorious records of performance. 

Whether  you are good or great, a mediocre or a failure ,  a jobless aura poor you have a life of your own who is should be treated as valuable and beautiful.

Stephen Phillips remark,”  how good it is to life,  even at the worst,” Seneca  another writer,  said as long as you live keep learning how to live……  and later balance lights account every day. It all means live should be made meaningful, significant and committed.

Man should be preview and review how these factors work in life. and aimless life is like a ship without a rudder.  One should get answer with education,  aptitude and scale and proper attitude to be successful.  Shakespeare the great poet advice’s, “love all” trust few, do wrong to none….”  good,  absolutely good ideas he has offered to us. 

To form a good successful and meaningful life,  we should Borrow  good ideas,  advice and instructions from great men seniors and our Well wishers. borrowing is not wrong if it is is honestly done and utilized.

Self confidence self concept and self respect always play a pivotal role in building and shipping life.

What is important in life has been shown above in a nutshell. It could be endless.  Many writers emphasis on the need of enjoyment in life.  George Bernard Shaw in his drama,  man and Superman,  said there are true tragedies in life.  One is to get your heart’s desire.  the other is to get it.

 Login Aircel Smith has perhaps rightly remarked,  there are two things to AIM at in life. first to get what you need and after that to enjoy it. Only the voice test of mortality achieve the second.  many people don’t get what they want and many e others don’t know how to utilize and enjoy at the get. 

Life is not a bed of roses

These are two tragedies in life.  for both this tragedies man suffers. So,  so before placing the catalog of demands realize how much of those demands would be real and then utilized and full filled.  Arthur SCI so p e n s a u e r a great philosopher said is today is a little life, every working and rising a little but every fresh morning a little stripling every going to rest and sleep a little death. 

A very great idea he has thrown on life. He preferred a very active attentive and jubilant life free indolence and inactivity. 

This is something everybody desire’s more or less.  but how many people can injury materialize and fulfill it.

Laugh and be merry to enjoy and to go for Adventures because life is short.  so long as you  live,  lead in merriment And enjoyment. some parts of religion suggest of everything mundane and to be happy with spiritual development. Needs of obtained sacrifice and surrender who is might be borrowed from Mystic ideas of self surrender to God Almighty. 

Christianity advice man to abandon wealth and property to have access to heaven.  But who cares for such pieces of advice.  Everybody is after well and property and mundane happiness.

Even a poet like Shakespeare and writer like George b.  show me some  frustrating said all the world’s a stage/ all the men and women merely players;/ they have there exists and entrances

and one man in his time plays many parts it’s act being Seven Ages. in this great drama Macbeth:  he wrote life’s but a walking Shadow a poor player. And then is detected no additional it’s a tale told by associate degree retard, packed with sound and Fury.

Signifying nothing. there’s another piece of dialogue in King John: another drama of playwright wherever he aforesaid .:  life is as teddy bears as a twice I told  tale . Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy men.  This three  quotations from Shakespeare provide as a Pessimistic view of life. 

But these quotations are also self explain at Ori and thought provoking also.  b. e Shaw NGOs father to say lights is a disease and the only difference between one man and another is the stage of diseases at who is he lives. Yes, every man and woman has some sort of diseases of this aur that kind. Where there is life there is disease.

There is none who is disease free.  many  occasions of life are painful also.  but after all it is joyful and full of pleasures.

Stephen Phillips is optimistic about life when he says how good it is to right even at the worst.

 Works of humans is a good luck life is significant.  one cannot be blessed with it again and again.  if there is a miracle,  it is man who performed it.  if they are discover is it is man who did it. 

The transformation of the world from primitive 2 two edible is from medieval to modern is has been due to the Great endeavor of man.  No super power work behind.  so man cannot be said to be a poor player and his life cannot be a walking shadow and full of sound and Fury,  signifying nothing. Actually this is a  partial view of life and maybe half true.

Woes igneous and problems affect some parts of life but those are not our constant companions.  lifelong happiness and lifelong Grief  is a rare case.  If it’s so happens even in a single case it would be a wretched life.

A large number of people in developing countries leap in property E and under poverty line.  Where as in developed countries the scenario is quite  the reverse.  The farmer struggles for Mayor survival the latter  enjoy the affluence of life. Many people suffer from malnutrition and various other diseases while the people of developed countries have diseases caused by overeating and over drinking.  the poor  people live in rural areas without having access to electricity,  medical care, transportation and many other facilities,  why the urban habitats enjoy many facilities to develop their life.

So life is rural people and that of urban is quite different.  similarly there are some Breeze and middle class people in rural areas who leap quite peaceful and happy life. There are other yardsticks  that should be included to measure is and happiness,  successes and failures of life.  total life is to be adjust with the situations that one faces and experiences. Life is is to be lift not control, and humanity is owned by continuing to play in the face of concern defeat.

 a lot of people who belong to religious and Eid minority communities in many countries of Asia and Africa suffer from discrimination, oppression and harassment. The life they lead is orphan imperiled threatened and sometimes massacred  by the people of majority community for no fault of their own. 

The minority people even have no courage and strength to protest and protect them.  hot a great tragedy for a hook number of people on this earth.  Humanity is distressed justice is denied and human life is so miserable there.

complexity, duplicity, jealousy and vanity e, great and aggrandizement , anger and sloth,  color TV good qualities like simplicity, purity, devotion, love and compassion.

 Continuous practices, bad qualities can be minimized and good qualities develop.  That should be one of the principal duties of man. Henry debate a leading philosopher has said I love my life full plot is simple. and does not thicken  with every pimple. INSAT simplicity and honesty can make life great and attractive.

This life is what we make it. we should try Heart and Soul to be successful in life and leave no Heart and Soul to be e successful in life and leave no stone unturned to do it. There is very possibility of failure for those Who remain idle and whose life let’s planning and determination.  we should keep on trying hold on and always and always believe in ourselves,  because if we do not do it,  we can succeed.  we should keep our head high and chin up. And most importantly keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is no much to smile and enjoy.

 Here I will try to explain about in our life very short and easily.  after next time I will explain to mankind. so today and is here and welcome to my next part 2 about in our human life.

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